Ja-Co Enterprises

Self-defense - one of our most basic rights.


Ja-Co Enterprises’ personnel have a long history of providing citizens with appropriate firearm training  to assure  individuals are aware of the responsibilities and duties pertaining to the possession and use of firearms in North Carolina and other states.

To reach our organizational goal(s) and to meet North Carolina’s statutory criteria for Concealed Handgun Permit issuance, our personnel have successfully completed NC DOJ’s CHP Instructor course as well as NRA’s Basic , Instructor, and Training Counselor training so we are able to offer clients appropriate training, such as Range Safety Officer (RSO), Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun basic courses as well as Basic Instructor Training, Chief RSO; Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Instructor level courses.

Classes can be scheduled individually, as a group, e.g., family or friends, and we are available during the weekday and weekend to assist with your training needs.

Finally, Ja-Co Enterprises offers their clients outstanding opportunities regarding the purchase of a new firearm for their and family’s self defence & sporting needs or long rifles to meet their hunting needs and defence against the zombie apocalypse.

Our prices are highly competitive in the local area—please contact us for a quote.


Training Phone: 919.766.1193


Firearm Sales: 303.304.4649

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